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Somewhere I Belong…

So it’s 4:45 p.m. GMT -4 and I’ve been at work for the past 7+ hours, counting down the time until I can pack up, walk to my car, drive home (dear lord the commuting time kills me) and paint my night away.

.oO(Elven dragonkin swordsmen…)
*stares at the 15 minutes left*

.oO(Ziyi Zhang’s portrait..)
And with that time has of course slowed down! Surely enough different pieces that I can paint come rushing to mind, a flood of character positioning, colours, themes and weird alterations. It’s a beautiful thing when your imagination takes the wheel and creates…it’s frustrating as hell when it’s driving a F-1 race car  can get out of the “go-kart” track of life to have to free-range to do what it likes…

Hmmm… .oO(seductive females with black and white wings…)

Linework to produce, to paint and bring to life.

*stares at desk*…*stares at clock*

Freedom is at hand…


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