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Ok folks so yet another “upgrade” to the blog/site has been made. Now introducing….

*dramatic drum roll*


*points upward to the menu at the link* and for all you lazy folks 😛 Vote-A-Portrait

*sparse applause*…ummm…Thank you

So here you get to vote on linework that I’ve done to get your more anticipated portrait done before the lineup that I have planned. Now if no votes have been cast I will continue with my schedule, in case of a tie then I throw the two of the pieces into a mud pit and the winner gets painted first…Nah just kidding, probably will do a tie breaker or paint both of them at the same time if I feel like dying *yay!*

Now the intention of this little project is to do one portrait a week and update the poll every Sunday and take votes on the next piece. However with this plan and the “Linework Project” there will be an excess of linework to choose from. This is where things will get interesting with who you want to see and the Battle of the Portraits shall begin!! *done in an epic-echoing-godlike-voice*



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