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Portrait: Karen Gillan

“Oi Raggedy Man!”

When she’s not fending off a hoard of Weeping Angels, shooting raptors and battling Daleks, Amelia Pond is soaring space and time with her Doctor and Roman.

Karen Gillan!

Karen Gillan
The Doctor: “Come along Pond!”
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More Artwork!

I am grateful for the recognition received from you guys with regards to my work but more so I’m really grateful for the recognition I’m getting for doing something I love. So I will be getting back into creating illustrations as much as the portraits you have all come to love so much.

The Suggest-A-Portrait and Vote-A-Portrait options will still be available for you to request your favorite pieces, however these will be posted once a week (on Sundays).

Illustrations (linework, work in progress teasers and finished pieces) will be posted at random when available. Here’s to more art!!

Wanna Ride?

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Portrait: Matt Smith

“Wibbily Wobbily Timey Whimey. Do you know what the crack is?”

This was the first episode where an eccentric man spoke to a button cute Scottish girl, little Amelia Pond. From then on we followed Matt Smith in one of the biggest roles world over as the Doctor inspired us to dream and taught us how to love all living things.

The Doctor was promised silence but we are hoping for lots of eyes on this post to keep away the weeping angels…

This post sounding a bit crazy? Why are you surprised? After all I did paint a crazy man with a box.

Matt Smith
Fish fingers & Custard!!
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Portrait: Anna Torv

Anna Torv
“Do you really think this is the end of the world as we know it?”

One of the most complex characters on television, we celebrate Anna Torv’s roll as she plays Olivia Dunham on the series Fringe. As usual, all comments and queries are welcome. Feel free vote or submit your favorite characters via the vote-a-portrait page!

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Don’t be shy guys, I’m encouraging you to suggest and vote! The polls are currently stuck on a 7 seven way tie ( -__- now that won’t end well lol) with a need for you the readers and viewers to express your interest in who you’d like to see next! Everytime a portrait is done the polls are refresh and you can go vote again, with multiple selections possible. Who do you want to see brought to life? Drop me a line and let me know 😉