Terms of Service


The terms and conditions expressed below relate to the agreement between Ian D. Wade, hereafter known as IW-Portraits, and users of this site. Please read the terms and agreement as it is the standing agreement between IW-Portraits and any and all parties desirous of engaging or contracting the product or service of IW-Portraits.

By using this service you agree to the terms and conditions herein stated in this agreement. This agreement is the standing agreement of use to this website and all affiliate pages related to IW-Portraits. This contract refers to the below mentioned agreement. The terms and agreement are subject to change at any time.

All parties refer to anyone interacting with this website or its affiliate information services, or any contact by its authors pertaining to soliciting information, contracting its products or services or any other arrangement which will be likely to infringe on the rights of  IW-Portraits which this service may provide.

By using this service you understand and agree that the rights of all creative property commissioned remain under the ownership of IW-Portraits unless otherwise stated.


By using this service you agree to the terms of use set out in this document.

Any individual or corporate entity using this service agrees that they will have full rights to any images or other tools necessary for use by this service. Failing to do so will render the agreement null and void. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that they have the rights to any media sent for the purpose of creating a portrait.

Any and all works created through the commission of work from this website or entities responsible for this website will retain the rights to commissioned works.

By using this site you agree to not post spam, phishing information or any other malicious information or information which knowingly or otherwise can result in harm to another person’s character or property. The use or dissemination of harmful or destructive content is strictly forbidden.

Failure to comply with one of the listed items above can render any legal action brought against the infracting party and any agreement between the entity of this website and any other party null and void.

Return and Payment Policy

  • All parties engaging the services of IW-Portraits agree that an agreement is not valid until an initial payment is processed.
  • All parties engaging of these services agree that the nature of the service is such that does not allow for cancellation or return without an agreed cancellation fee. It is at the discretion of IW-Portraits to waive or alter any fees regarding to cancellation of its service.
  • IW-Portraits will not be held liable for information posted by third parties using the site.
  • IW-Portraits will not be liable for any extraneous costs, for whatever reason, incurred for using this service.
  • IW-Portraits does not accept responsibility for any damages that may result from using this site.
  • By using this service you accept that any changes in prices are at the discretion of the management of IW-Portraits.

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