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More Artwork!

I am grateful for the recognition received from you guys with regards to my work but more so I’m really grateful for the recognition I’m getting for doing something I love. So I will be getting back into creating illustrations as much as the portraits you have all come to love so much.

The Suggest-A-Portrait and Vote-A-Portrait options will still be available for you to request your favorite pieces, however these will be posted once a week (on Sundays).

Illustrations (linework, work in progress teasers and finished pieces) will be posted at random when available. Here’s to more art!!

Wanna Ride?

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Hey guys, just a quick update for you. I’ve been a bit sick for the past couple of days and haven’t been able to finish the Alex Kingston portrait as yet. Working on it as diligently as I can despite how I’m feeling lol. In the mean time here are some random linework pieces that I’ve done for you to feast upon!

"And so it was...Father fought against Son...Daughter turned on Mother. Blood shed freely, until that moment...then the fighting ceased"
“And so it was…Father fought against Son…Daughter turned on Mother. Blood shed freely, until that moment…then the fighting ceased”

Rebirth Lines


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Linework: Elven Dragonkin

So wanted to sketch a hunter yesterday and thought to myself what if there was a hunter that had 4 arms…drawing bow and dual wielding daggers at the same time. Reminded me of Goro and the Shokan (as underdeveloped as they were), so decided to do a lil sketch of my version of dragonkin, elven instead of human tho…still trying to decide on the tail…

Elven Dragonkin Lines