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So it’s been 1 week and 2 days since I painted.

Why am I alive again?!  Lol nah just joking.

Hoping to replace the equipment soon however, it’s taking it toll slowly on my mind. I need to draw and make up for this somehow. So far a steady stream of manga and shows have been keeping me alive! Drinks as well…can’t forget the drinks -__-

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I have some bad news…

Yes, I have some bad news. Let me get straight to the point.

I’m not closing the site however, due to technical difficulties, I will not be posting any new art work for an undisclosed period of time. This is due to my Wacom (R.I.P. “Horizon”) kicking the bucket.  In sharing the bad news, I have had a few things to smile about, some friends made a joke that she was never as happy as she is now due to my constant overworking (lol).

I would like to thank all of my viewers, followers and visitors alike, for your support of my art and taking part in its development for the past couple months. It is my solemn intention to return as soon as possible and better than ever.

Thank you all. 🙂
I have some good news too! That however will be another post…

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Don’t be shy guys, I’m encouraging you to suggest and vote! The polls are currently stuck on a 7 seven way tie ( -__- now that won’t end well lol) with a need for you the readers and viewers to express your interest in who you’d like to see next! Everytime a portrait is done the polls are refresh and you can go vote again, with multiple selections possible. Who do you want to see brought to life? Drop me a line and let me know 😉

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Happy New Year!!

I know I’m more than a bit late but I’d just like to take the time and wish all of my followers, browsers and future visitors to this blog a very Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and may it bring you many blessings! I’m looking forward to everything that the new year has to offer and you should too!

Do not fear the change that is to come. There is nothing quite like growth, however it may present itself or for whatever reason it comes about. That being said, grow and change, cast off your fears and build yourself beyond anything you could have possibly imagined!! 😀



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Feeling Ecstatic!

So the most unexpected thing happened to me today. One of my portraits of Michael C. Hall was a feature post on!!! :O

I don’t know what to say really to express the excitement I got from seeing this!! Extreme thanks to the editors of for this honor! You guys can please go check to show your support. Thank so much for your support as I go forward on my artistic journey. 🙂

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Morning fellow bloggers! I hope all is well with you this fine day.

As many of you would have noticed, I haven’t been posting linework and portraits as readily these past few days. Well there are a few reasons for this and I’m updating you on this today.

1. Commission Section

I’ve been behind the scenes putting together the page for the commissions service I’m planing to offer. Working on all the business logistics and ironing out any kinks there may be. It will be a reality very soon folks, be on the look out 😉

2. Excess

There are quite a bit of linework pieces that have been done that await “Portrait Conversion” and still more planned to come! I’m going to slow down on releasing these a to keep the voting list manageable.

I will work on my release dates for portraits and linework pieces to make some more standardized posts in the near future. In the meantime folks stay tuned and enjoy!! 😀