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For all prices, please refer to this Pdf Document: IW-Portraits(US Prices)

Please read and review the Terms of Service for this site and business.

Commissioning a Digital Portrait-

  • Send me the necessary information via the form below. Your name and address are required for invoicing purposes and to calculate shipping costs. They will in no way be used for any other reason without your consent.
  • Once received, I will acknowledge your request with a corresponding email to which you will send me the photo you wish to be used. Please do your best to send me a clear photo, if there are any problems at all with the photo, I will inform you.
  • After the photo has been received and it has been acknowledged that there are no problems, you will receive an email requesting a Paypal payment for a 50% non-refundable deposit of the total commission charge of the portrait which has been agreed upon in order for any work to begin.
  • Upon receipt of this payment, you will be emailed an invoice giving conformation of payment, as well as a link and password to a private page on my blog where you will be able to view an initial linework of the piece and periodic updates as I post them to keep you informed on the piece’s progress (you will be able to leave comments as well to give feedback on each update).
  • Once the art work is completed (and you have agreed to the final look of the piece), you will receive a request for the remaining 50% + shipping. When the final payment has been received the artwork will be printed on the desired medium and shipped. The printing process will take approximately a week to be completed for canvas prints, regular prints can be done and shipped next day.

Order Cancellation & Return Policy-

  • Once work on the portrait commences, if the client changes their mind about the commission, I will keep the deposit and any completed work (to be used at my discretion).
  • If in the event I can’t complete the commission for any reason, the client will be refunded the 50% deposit.
  • I take pride in my work and if I do not feel as though I have adequately represented myself in painting your desired piece I will refund you the 50% deposit. I will not send any artwork that does not meet my standards. That being said however, if I have produced a portrait which I feel does meet my standards and quite possibly beyond, as you are free to comment on each update of the portrait and you are consulted upon completion of the portrait as to if it is what you really wanted (also any changes you would like), once the piece has been purchased; printed and shipped I do not accept any return of merchandise or payments.

Additional Information-

  • I do reserve the right to post my commissions on my website or any online galleries. If you do not wish for me to do as such due to privacy reasons etc, then please indicate this beforehand. Failure to communicate this to me will be taken as consent to use the commission in my galleries.
  • Please note that as I hold all publishing/printing rights to my commission work, all updates as well as final update will have a watermark to deter any misuse. However, if you wish to purchase full digital rights to the artwork you may do so through a negotiated contract. Full digital rights will allow you to make multiple prints, use it for book & CD covers, or any other form of publishing media at your discretion.
  • A standard piece can generally take from 2-4 weeks to be completed (printing process and shipping not included). Your piece will be completed in the order it was processed. Please note that larger orders may take longer. Rush orders (commissions given a specific date within the 2-4 week range) will incur a fee of an additional 50% of the portrait cost. Due to the nature of canvas prints, they will not be available for rush orders, therefore regular prints or digital rights are encouraged.


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